Chipping Sodbury

A joint venture with Deeley Freed Estates for a comprehensive redevelopment of part of Hanson’s existing quarry complex for a Waitrose Foodstore, pedestrian link with unit shops linking the store to the High Street, a new Town centre car park for over 300 cars and 10 acres of housing to include a 2 acre extra care facility for Macarthy and Stone. The project took nearly 10 years of painstaking work as the site required many complex issues resolving. Not only was the site, which totalled close to 15 hectares outside the Town boundary, in part a site of special scientific interest, within a Conservation Area, adjacent to a Grade 1 listed church and a cemetery but it also required considerable engineering/construction expertise as the Quarry void had to be filled to a depth of nearly 30 metres over an area of 4 hectares.

This long term development project started in 2003 when Planning discussions commenced. Once all the statutory consultations had been completed the Contract to fill the quarry void took nearly 12 months and was completed in Autumn 2014 during which approximately 750,000 sq metres of aggregate was placed and compacted allowing Bloor Homes to build more than 120 houses.

The Waitrose store and new town centre car park opened for trade on October 2013. The 4 unit shops opened on the pedestrian link in the Autumn of 2014. More recently a weekly market was started within the pedestrian link that also features a further 4 ‘pop up shops’ on a permanent basis: see below in ‘Hatherells Yard’

Photos show the Quarry Fill operation to fill the quarry void in order to create the development platform as well as the completed Waitrose Store with the quarry in the background.